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Teaching staff

NamePositionResearch Interests
Dr James Aitken Lecturer in Hebrew, Faculty of Divinity Old Testament and Second Temple Studies; LXX and Koine Greek
Prof. Nicholas de Lange Professor Emeritus of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Faculty of Divinity Byzantine Judaism
Dr Katharine Dell Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Divinity Old Testament
Prof. Robert Gordon Professor Emeritus, FAMES Old Testament
Dr Aaron D Hornkohl Language Teaching Officer in Hebrew, FAMES Hebrew Language, Semitic Philology, Linguistic Periodisation and Diachronic Philology, Textual Criticism, Bible Translation
Prof. Geoffrey Khan Regius Professor of Hebrew, FAMES Hebrew and Semitic Philology
Dr Nathan MacDonald Lecturer, Hebrew Bible, Faculty of Divinity Old Testament
Dr Ben Outhwaite Head of the Genizah Research Unit, CUL Medieval Hebrew Language and the Cairo Genizah Documents
Dr Yaron Peleg Kennedy Leigh Lecturer in Modern Hebrew, FAMES Modern Hebrew Literature and Contemporary Israeli Culture
Dr Michael Rand University Lecturer in Hebrew and Aramaic, FAMES
Piyyut (Medieval Hebrew Poetry)
Dr Chris Thomson Affiliated Lecturer, Junior Research Fellow in Biblical Studies, Tyndale House Hebrew Bible, Hebrew lexical semantics

Dr Daniel H. Weiss

Polonsky-Coexist Lecturer in Jewish Studies, Faculty of Divinity Modern Jewish thought and philosophy, Interreligious dialogue and communication, Literary, ethical, and philosophical approaches to biblical and rabbinic literature

Dr Peter Williams

Affiliated Lecturer, Warden, Tyndale House Early Bible Translations, Textual Criticism, Syriac

Affiliated Staff

NamePositionResearch Interests
Catherine Ansorge Head of Near Eastern Department, Cambridge University Library Historical Bibliography and Manuscript Codicology; Acquisition and Cataloguing of Hebrew Publications into the UL Collections.
Dr Tali Artman Research Associate in Israel Studies Hebrew Literature (Folk, Rabbinic/Talmudic), Early Christianity, Digital Humanities, History, Cultural Theory, Gender and Sexuality, Mythology
Dr Gabriele Ferrario Research Associate, Genizah Research Unit Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic Alchemy, Magic and Science
Dr Shai Heijmans Research Associate, Gesenius Hebrew Grammar Revision (supported by the Leverhulme Trust)

Rabbinic Hebrew, Hebrew Language Traditions, Biblical Hebrew, Jewish Aramaic, Hebrew Manuscripts, Koine Greek

Dr Julia Krivoruchko Research Associate (part-time), Genizah Research Unit Judaeo-Greek

Dr Lidia Napiorkowska

Research Associate in Neo-Aramaic (supported by the Rausing Foundation) Neo-Aramaic
Elizabeth Robar Research Associate in Biblical Hebrew (supported by the Rothschild Foundation)

Biblical Hebrew Syntax, Pragmatics, and Discourse

Dr Melonie Schmierer-Lee Research Associate (Part-time), Genizah Research Unit

Hebrew and Aramaic Documentary Material in the Cairo Genizah

Dr Nadia Vidro Affiliated Researcher (part-time FAMES and part-time UCL) History of Hebrew Linguistics
Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner Junior Research Fellow, Woolf Institute; Research Associate (part-time), Genizah Research Unit Social Linguistics, Judaeo-Arabic and Arabic manuscripts

PhD Students

NameFacultyResearch TopicSupervisor
Oz Aloni FAMES 'The Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Zakho' Prof. Geoffrey Khan
Jennifer Andrushka Divinity 'Intertextual Connections between Proverbs and Song of Songs' Dr Katharine Dell
Lindsey Askin Divinity 'Scribal Culture and the Book of Ben Sira' Dr James Aitken
Samuel Blapp FAMES 'A Comparative Study of the Tiberian Vocalisation Traditions of Biblical Hebrew.
Evidence from the Cairo Genizah'
Prof. Geoffrey Khan
Magdalen Connolly FAMES 'Egyptian Judaeo-Arabic of the Ottoman Period from the Cairo Genizah Collections' Prof. Geoffrey Khan
Christopher Fresch Divinity 'Discourse Features in the Septuagint Minor Prophets' Dr James Aitken
Kathrin Göransson (Egger) FAMES 'Non-Active Voice in North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic: An Overview' Prof. Geoffrey Khan
Juni Hoppe Divinity 'Merchants in the Cairo Genizah' Dr James Aitken
Brittany Melton Divinity 'Divine Presence and Absence in the Megilloth' Dr Katharine Dell
Peter D. Myers FAMES 'Hebrew Phonology: Transcription of Hebrew in Greek Script' Prof. Geoffrey Khan
William Ross Divinity 'A Lexical Study of Greek Judges' Dr James Aitken
Daniel Ryan Divinity 'Coins of Alexander Jannaeus and Jewish Identity' Dr James Aitken
Simon Walsh Divinity 'The War Rule (1QM): Genre and significance' Dr James Aitken
Nick Widdows Divinity 'A Thematic Study Within the Book of Proverbs' Dr Katharine Dell
Luke Wisley Divinity 'King Solomon' Dr Katharine Dell 
Zehavit Zaslansky FAMES 'Language, memory and space in modern Hebrew literature'

Dr Yaron Peleg

MPhil Students

NameFacultyResearch Topic
Robert Cook FAMES 'The Poetry of Prayer: An Edition of Yehuda’s Qedushta for Shabbat Shim`i'
Suzie Millar Divinity 'Ambiguity in the Book of Proverbs'

Visiting Researcher

Stefan Goltzberg

Talmudic Studies, Linguistics and Philosophy