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Ancient Judaism

Dr James Aitken & Dr Ben Outhwaite

Artefacts of Ancient Judaism: A teaching site utilizing library resources': an educational project supported by the subject centre of the Higher Education Academy, and CARET

Hebrew Bible and Biblical Hebrew Language

Dr Katharine Dell

Defending God in the Old Testament: a monograph for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (for 2013).

Ruth: for the Readings: A New Biblical Commentary Series, Sheffield Phoenix Press (for 2015)

Proverbs: for Cambridge Old Testament Theology Series, CUP (for 2016)

Ecclesiastes: a commentary in the International Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament Series, Kohlhammer (for 2018)


Professor Robert Gordon

A commentary on Amos for the International Critical Commentary series


Dr Aaron Hornkohl

Monograph on the language of the book of Jeremiah within the framework of historical linguistics, including a linguistic comparison of the material common to both the Masoretic and Greek versions versus that found only in the Masoretic version

A Handbook of Late Biblical Hebrew (Research staff)


Professor Geoffrey Khan

The Oxford Grammar of Biblical Hebrew, based on Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar

The Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics (Editor-in-Chief)


Brittany Melton

Divine Presence and Absence in the Megilloth (PhD project)


Nick Widdows

A thematic study within the book of Proverbs (PhD project)

The Septuagint

Dr James Aitken

Education and the Septuagint translation: a monograph on the Septuagint within the context of ancient education.


Christopher Fresch

Discourse Features in the Septuagint Minor Prophets (PhD project)

The Bible in Aramaic

Dr Peter Williams

Critical edition of Codex Climaci Rescriptus within the Green Scholars Initiative

Medieval Hebrew philology

Professor Nicholas de Lange

Mapping the Jewish Communities of the Byzantine Empire (funded by ERC)


Professor Geoffrey Khan

Critical Edition of the text 'Guide for the Reader' (Hidayat al-Qari), a medieval work concerning the consonants, vowels and accents of the Tiberian reading tradition of Bibical Hebrew

Karaite transcriptions of Biblical Hebrew into Arabic script


Dr Ben Outhwaite

A linguistic study of the Hebrew idiom employed by letter-writers in the Cairo Genizah (based on PhD thesis (2000)

An edition of a unique esoteric text (with Siam Bhayro of Exeter University, for a book to be published by Brill)


Dr Nadia Vidro

A Medieval Karaite Pedagogical Grammar of Biblical Hebrew: a critical edition and English translation of Kitab al-'Uqud fi Tasarif al-Lugha al-'Ibraniyya

The aim of this project is to prepare a critical edition and an English translation of an anonymous Karaite grammar of Biblical Hebrew Kitab al-'Uqud fi Tasarif al-Lugha al-'Ibraniyya (The Book of Rules regarding the Grammatical Inflections of the Hebrew Language). Kitab al-'Uqud is the first Karaite pedagogical grammar, a description of Biblical Hebrew morphology and syntax prepared specifically to cater for the level of knowledge and the learning needs of beginning students. It contains one of the most complete Karaite accounts of the verbal system of Biblical Hebrew that was made suitable for beginning students by a gradual manner of presentation and the use of various didactic techniques intended to stimulate understanding and ease learning.

Hebrew Manuscripts

Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit

An electronic database of historical documents from the Taylor-Schechter Collection (funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation)

A study of late Judaeo-Arabic business documents

Bibliography of Genizah scholarship

A catalogue of the Old Series manuscripts in the T-S Collection (funded by AHRC)

A database of individuals mentioned in the Hebrew and Aramaic documentary material in the Cairo Genizah


Catherine Ansorge, Dr Ben Outhwaite

Cambridge Digital library – Hebrew Manuscripts

Cambridge University Library’s collection of Hebrew manuscripts, one of the world’s foremost collections, has been acquired over a period of five centuries. The collection holds significant numbers of Bibles and commentaries, along with important texts of halakhah and liturgy, poetry, philosophy, kabbalah and scientific subjects.  Some manuscripts are texts of which the Library holds the only known copy while others are of well-known texts copied many times, but with unique variations in the text and decorations. Each manuscript reveals traces of its own unique history, travels and ownership over the centuries; many originate from the Jewish communities in Spain, Italy, Germany and as far away as India.

Modern Hebrew Literature

Dr Yaron Peleg

Historical Study of Modern Hebrew romance focusing on the absence of romance in modern Hebrew literature, while it is a common literary device in contemporaneous European literatures


Zehavit Zaslansky

Language, memory and space in modern Hebrew literature (PhD project)


Oz Aloni

The Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialect of Zakho (PhD project)


Kathrin Egger

Non-Active Voice in North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic: An Overview (PhD project)


Professor Geoffrey Khan

The Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialects

The Christian Neo-Aramaic dialect of Urmi

The Neo-Aramaic dialect of Bedyel


Lidia Napiorkowska

The Grammar of the Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Diyana Zeranaye (PhD project)

A Karaite Synagogue in Ramle (courtesy of Tamar Hayardeni)

The Mahane Yehuda shuq ('open market') In Jerusalem

A Genizah page containing Judeo-Arabic

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Hayyim Nachman Bialik