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Dr Elisabetta Ragagnin (Research Associate)

Elisabetta Ragagnin has recently joined the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge, from the Department of Turcology and Central Asian Studies, University of Göttingen, where she was Assistant Professor. She received her MA (laurea) degree in Persian, Arabic, Turkic and Altaic studies at the University of Venice and her PhD in Turcology at the University of Mainz. She has conducted intensive fieldwork across the Turkic-speaking world from Mongolia to Eastern Anatolia. Her research interests include Turco-Mongolic and Turco-Iranian language contacts, Azeri linguistics, Old and Middle Turkic, Turkic phonology, morphology and syntax. She is currently working on a new edition of Fuzuli’s poetic tension Beng ü Bade. Besides, she is processing her fieldwork dialectal materials on various Azeri varieties.

Maiden Tower by Night, Baku
Maiden Tower by Night, Baku

Among Elisabetta Ragagnin's publications are:

2013: Is “vampire” a Turkic word? In: Fabris, A. (ed.) Tra quattro paradisi: Esperienze, ideologie e riti relativi alla morte tra Oriente e Occidente. (Hilâl: Studi turchi e ottomani 1.) Venezia: Edizioni Ca’ Foscari. 60-70.

 2012: Turco-Mongolic relations: the case of particles. In: Erdal, M. & Menz, A. & Nevskaya, I.(eds.) Areal, typological and historical aspects of Siberian Turkic. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. 105-117.

 2011: Dukhan, a Turkic variety of Northern Mongolia: Description and Analysis. (Turcologica 76.) Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.

 2010: Traces of Old Turkic ančïp and ïnčïp in Altaic languages. In: Kirchner, M. & Kappler, M. & Zieme, P. (eds.) Trans-Turkic Studies. Festschrift in Honour of Marcel Erdal. (Türk Dilleri Araştırmaları Dizisi 49.) Istanbul. 299-314.