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Faculty Staff

NamePositionResearch Interests
Dr Adam Yuet Chau University Senior Lecturer in the Anthropology of Modern China Social and cultural transformations in contemporary China; Chinese religions, especially their social aspects; hosting as an idiom of social practice in Chinese religion and politics; forms of powerful writing; the Indonesian Chinese returnees (yin’ni guiqiao 印尼归侨) in China and Hong Kong.
Dr Susan Daruvala University Senior Lecturer Emeritus in Modern Chinese Literature 20th century Chinese literature; the modern Chinese essay; Chinese literary aesthetics; Zhou Zuoren; modernity, nation and identity;  intellectual discourses in modern China; the literary field in Republican China; Republican journal publishing; Chinese film.
Dr Imre Galambos Reader in Chinese Medieval China; Dunhuang studies; history of Chinese writing; Chinese manuscripts and epigraphy; contacts between China and Central Asia; the Western Xia empire; history of the exploration of Central Asia.
Dr Heather Inwood University Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Culture Contemporary literature, especially poetry and genre fiction; popular, fan and folk cultures; internet culture and society; media studies theories; sociology of literature and culture.
Dr Joe McDermott Emeritus Reader in Chinese History Dr J. P. McDermott researches in the social history of China in the period from the Song to the Qing Dynasties.
Prof David McMullen Professor Emeritus of Chinese The institutional, literary, political and religious history of Tang dynasty China (618-907 C.E.).
Prof Roel Sterckx Joseph Needham Professor of Chinese History, Science and Civilization Early Chinese civilization; cultural history, religion and thought of pre-imperial and early imperial China; classical Chinese philology.
Prof Hans van de Ven Professor of Modern Chinese History History of the Chinese Communist Party before 1949; the history of warfare in modern China from the Taiping Rebellion to the Civil War between the Communists and the Nationalists; the history of Chinese globalization in the 1850-1950 period.
Dr Boping Yuan Reader in Chinese Language and Linguistics Empirical studies of developmental and synchronic aspects of second language acquisition; linguistic approaches  to non-native Chinese grammars; second language acquisition theory; syntax-semantics and syntax-pragmatics/discourse interfaces in L2 Chinese.

Graduate Students


NameResearch Topic & Supervisor
Teck Seng Chow

Paradigms of Poetics: Meta-Poetics between Contemporary Singapore Poetry in Chinese and Other Sinophone Poetics across Geographical, Temporal and Linguistic Borders
Supervisor: Dr Susan Daruvala

Ruyi Dai Second Language Acquisition of Chinese bei Passive Constructions
Supervisor: Dr Boping Yuan
Hajnalka Elias Supervisor: Prof Roel Sterckx
Hsien-Hsiang Feng The history of Chinese political science during the early 20th century
Supervisor: Prof Hans van de Ven
Yang Fu The Idea of Work in Early China
Supervisor: Prof Roel Sterckx
Yu-hsin Huang Asymmetric syntactic, thematic and prosodic reconfigurations in the acquisition of Chinese as a second language
Supervisor: Dr Boping Yuan
Man Tak Kwok Supervisor: Prof Roel Sterckx
Yvonne Lin Syntax-discourse interface vs Thematic feature reassembly vis-à-vis Ditransitivity in English-Chinese interlanguages
Supervisor: Dr Boping Yuan
Chang Liu Second Language Acquisition and Chinese Linguistics
Supervisor: Dr Boping Yuan
Ghassan Moazzin Finance, Transnational Networks and the Internationalisation of China: The Deutsch-Asiatische Bank in China (1889 - 1917)
Supervisor: Prof Hans van de Ven
Woramon Prawatmuang

The acquisition of Chinese and Thai by adult learners
Supervisor: Dr Boping Yuan

Sheng-chi Shu Tango with a Giant: Reuters and the Contests for International Publicity and Information Sovereignty in Nationalist and Wartime China, 1931-1945
Supervisor: Prof Hans van de Ven 
Wei Kang Tchou Supervisor: Prof Hans van de Ven
Jung-Tsung Lin Supervisor: Dr Adam Yuet Chau
Emma Wu English-speaking learners' L2 Chinese grammars with respect to the universal quantifier dou
Supervisor: Dr Boping Yuan 
Lulu Zhang Chinese VP Ellipsis Constructions and their acquisition by second language learners
Supervisor: Dr Boping Yuan

Affiliated Researchers

NamePositionResearch Interests
Mr Charles Aylmer Head of Chinese Department, Cambridge University Library Chinese books; bibliography; history of collections.
Dr Sally Church Affiliated Researcher Ming literature and history, especially diplomatic history and shipbuilding; mapping and producing critical editions of Chinese travel accounts before the Qing.
Prof. Jianjun Mei Director, Needham Research Institute The history of science, technology and medicine in China in its broad cultural and historical context.  Current interests include the development of the arts of calculation in early imperial China, and their application to the heavens.
Dr James Lin Senior Assistant Keeper of Applied Art, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
Chinese Art History
Chinese jade and painting.
Mr John Moffett Librarian, Needham Research Institute History of Chinese science; Joseph Needham.
Dr Robert Weatherley Affiliated Researcher in Chinese Studies Politics and history of modern China; human rights and democracy; nationalism; the role of the internet; regime legitimacy; political succession.