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Late-Imperial China

Longjiang Shipyard Treatise (1553): A Critical Edition (Dr Sally Church)

The Longjiang chuanchang zhi is a treatise on Nanjing's Longjiang Shipyard written by Li Zhaoxiang, a scholar-bureaucrat appointed in 1551 to improve production at the yard. This shipyard is often confused with the Treasure Shipyard (baochuan chang), where the ships for Zheng He's expeditions were built, but they were two separate shipyards located near each other in Nanjing. Read more . . . 

Using GIS to Map Chen Cheng's Journey from China to Herat in 1414 (Dr Sally Church)

The diary of the Ming dynasty diplomat Chen Cheng, written during his 4,800-kilometre journey to Herat in 1414, provides an opportunity to map the route he followed across Central Asia, from the beginning of the Silk Road in China to the present-day capital of Afghanistan.  Read more . . .

Socio-Economic History of Late-Imperial Local Society (Dr Joe McDermott)

A long-term research that is resulting in two monographs on the socio-economic history of Huizhou from the Song Dynasty to the Qing. Here is the link to the first volume (The Making of a New Rural Order in South China: Village, Land, and Lineage in Huizhou, 900-1600), and the second is forthcoming (expected in late 2017)

Understanding Late-Imperial Local Society through Local Documents (Dr Joe McDermott, together with Dr Adam Yuet Chau and Dr Imre Galambos)

In September 2016 the University of Cambridge and the PSL (Paris Sciences et Lettres) co-organised a workshop in Cambridge dedicated to training young researchers in the use of local documents in studying late-imperial local societies. Here is the website dedicated to the workshop. [Watch this space for more materials related to this topic coming soon.]