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Public Policy and Engagement

Prof. Roel Sterckx Reaches the Public through the Media

  • In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, "The Han Synthesis" (here)
  • Channel 4, "The First Emperor" (here)
  • Night Waves, BBC Radio 3, "The Art of War" (here)
  • A History of the World in 100 Objects, BBC Radio 4 (here)
  • Festival Filosofia (2011)(here)
  • New Books in East Asian Studies (2012)(here)
  • Asia House (2013)(here)


Dr Adam Yuet Chau and Mao’s Golden Mangoes

Dr Adam Yuet Chau presented his research on Mao’s mango cult on a number of academic occasions but the non-academic outreach impact of this research has reached a much higher level and broader scale when Mao’s mangoes became the focus of an exhibition at the prestigious Asian art museum, Museum Rietberg, in Zurich. The exhibition, which ran at Museum Rietberg from February to June in 2013, is based on more than fifty artifacts from the mango cult (mango replicas in reliquary-like jars, propaganda posters and Mao badges featuring the mangoes, etc.). 


Dr Robert Weatherley quoted in LA Times

Affiliated Researcher Dr Robert Weatherley was recently quoted in a story in the Los Angeles Times in relation to the scandal surrounding Bo Xilai and his expulsion from the Chinese Communist Party.


Dr Sally Church and Civilizations in Contact

Civilizations in Contact has been carrying out various public engagement activities since 2012. These include two projects with local primary schools and one now being organised at the secondary school level. For more information about these activities, please click here.

A new web-based history learning resource, Civilizations in Contact Online, is being created to demonstrate, through texts, illustrations and maps, the interconnections that existed between civilizations and cultures in the pre-modern era (before 1800 CE). This online resource will be supplemented by teaching materials, publications and outreach activities aiming to increase interest in and knowledge of these interconnections, and to make the results of academic research accessible to a wide audience.