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Faculty Staff

NamePositionResearch Interests
Dr Eivind Kahrs Reader in Sanskrit Indian intellectual history, particularly Sanskrit linguistics and philosophy of language, and Indian religion, including Buddhism.
Dr Vincenzo Vergiani University Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit History of linguistic ideas and the philosophy of language in ancient India, and their place in the broader historical context of early Brahmanism. South Asian manuscripts and codicology. Dharmaśāstra.

Post Doctoral Researchers

NamePositionResearch Project/Interests
Dr Camillo Formigatti Research Associate South Asian manuscriptology and codicology, Buddhist narrative literature, classical poetry.

Graduate Students

NameResearch TopicSupervisor
Aleix Ruiz Falques The Pāli grammatical tradition in Myanmar, between the XII to XV centuries A.D. Dr Eivind Kahrs
Aishwarj Kumar A social history of Hindi as a modern Indian language in colonial North India, 1850-1900 Prof Joya Chatterji
Charles Li Medieval Indian debates on dravya, or the substance of reality Dr Vincenzo Vergiani
Shishir Saxena Theory of śābdabodha in Pūrvamīmāṃsā, particularly as elaborated in Kumārila's Ślokavārttika

Dr Vincenzo Vergiani

Alessandra Petrocchi Sanskrit sources of mathematics and astral sciences in Medieval Jainism

Dr Vincenzo Vergiani

Recent Graduates

NameResearch ProjectCurrent location
Giovanni Ciotti Translation of medieval Sanskrit treatises on phonetics and phonology       Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Universität Hamburg
Alastair Gornall Grammar and Buddhism in 12th Century Sri Lanka SUTD, Singapore
Antoine Panaïoti Nietzsche and Buddhist Philosophy Visiting Assistant Professor at Union College, New York
Paolo Visigalli The patterns of continuity underlying major aspects of the Indian tradition throughout its history    Distant Worlds, Münich Graduate School for Ancient Studies
Yiming Shen The Kātantra grammatical tradition currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Oxford

Affiliated Researchers

NamePositionResearch Interests