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Book launches



Past book launches

Book launch: Japan Copes with Calamity: Ethnographies of the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disasters of March 2011, 20 November 2013, Japan Foundation, London - 

Book launch: Manga Girl Seeks Herbivore Boy: Studying Japanese Gender at Cambridge, 23 February 2013, 5 pm





Talks and Seminars

East Asian Studies Seminar Series

•  The Ra Jong-Yil Lectures in Korean Studies (Michaelmas term)

•  The Kim Dae-Jung Memorial Lecture in Korean Studies (Lent term)



Special graduate classes


  • Edo-period text reading group (with participation of the University of Pennsylvania via Skype); Dr Moretti; Monday, 3-5 pm; Emmanuel College, North Court, Office Z16.
  • Kanbun text reading (mainly 15th to 17th century); Prof Kornicki; Wednesday, 11 am, Robinson College.
  • Manchu text reading; Prof Kornicki; Wednesday, Robinson College.




Past special graduate classes

• 2012-13 The language of Meiji officialdom (Prof Peter Kornicki)

• 2012-13 Reading Japanese early-modern manuscripts and printed texts (Dr Laura Moretti)

• 2011-12 Manchu for beginners (Prof Peter Kornicki)

• 2010-11 Reading Edo-period blockprinted books (Prof Peter Kornicki)



Research groups

•  UK early-modern Japanese texts reading group (Emmanuel College, Dr Moretti)





Workshops and Conferences


!!!! UPCOMING!!!!!

Past workshops and conferences:

  • 2013, July 12: International conference organized with Keio University  写本・版本 ケンブリッジ国際集会 (Emmanuel College, Dr Moretti)
  • 2013, June 24: Workshop: ‘Shifts in time measurement, time perception and time use in Japan from the pre-modern to the modern era’ (Needham Institute, Cambridge)
  • 2013, March 26-29  An international workshop on kanbun and kanbun kundoku (Emmanuel College, Dr Moretti)
  • 2011-12 Alloglottography: script and scribal traditions in the Middle East and East Asia