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Faculty Staff (Japanese Studies)

NamePositionResearch Interests

Prof. Mikael (Mickey) Adolphson

Keidanren Professor of Japanese Studies Medieval societies: social structures, ideologies, mentalitée, religious institutions, legal history, historical documents and international trade.

Prof. Richard Bowring

Emeritus Professor of Japanese Studies Classical Japanese Language and Literature; Japanese Grammar; Japanese Religion and Thought: Buddhism, Shinto, Neo-Confucianism, Kokugaku.

Prof. Peter Kornicki

Emeritus Professor of Japanese Studies Cultural history of Japan and East Asia.

Dr Barak Kushner

Reader in Japanese History Modern Japanese History and History of Sino-Japan Relations.

Dr Laura Moretti

University Lecturer in Pre-modern Japanese Studies Early-modern Japanese popular literature.

Dr Mark Morris

University Lecturer (emeritus) in Japanese Cultural History

East Asian Cultural History.

Dr John Nilsson-Wright

University Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese Politics and International Relations Cold War history, International Relations of East Asia with particular reference to Japan and the Korean Peninsula, US foreign policy.

Dr Brigitte Steger

University Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese Studies Anthropology and Sociology of daily life in Japan.

Dr Victoria Young

Kawashima Lecturer in Japanese Literature and Culture Modern & contemporary Japanese literature; Okinawan studies; writing by minorities in Japan; transborder literature; postcolonial studies; feminist criticism; literature and translation.


Here are some snapshots of us!

Prof Richard Bowring at the Japanese Ambassador’s residence after being invested with the Order of the Rising Sun 3rd Class, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon, with the Ambassador in the background (June 2013).


Prof Peter Kornicki receiving the Yamagata Bantō prize from the Deputy Governor of Osaka Prefecture (June 2013). 



 Dr Barak Kushner signing a copy of his new book (2013).


Dr Laura Moretti lecturing on Japanese early-modern books at the University of Pennsylvania, Henry Charles Lea Library (August 2013). 

Dr Brigitte Steger with head priest Shimizu Seisho and his wife Noriko of the Ryūshōji Temple in Yamada and some of the tsunami survivors who had found shelter in the temple (July 2011).


Dr John Nilsson-Wright giving the keynote speech at a ceremony in Seoul to commemorate former President Kim Dae-jung’s Nobel Peace Prize (2012)

Faculty Staff (Korean Studies)

NamePositionResearch Interests

Prof. Heonik Kwon

Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College The Korean War, North Korea, anthropology of the Cold War, war and memory in Southeast Asia.

Dr Mark Morris

University Lecturer (emeritus) in Japanese Cultural History Korean cinema.

Dr Michael D. Shin

Lecturer in Korean Studies

Intellectual history, cultural history, and socioeconomic history of the colonial period (1910-1945).

Dr John Nilsson-Wright

University Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese Politics and International Relations

International Relations of East Asia with particular reference to Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

Research Associates (Japanese Studies)

NameResearch Interest

Dr Andrew Levidis

Japanese empire-building, decolonization, and the Cold War.                                        


Mr Sherzod Muminov

Japanese empire-building, decolonization, and the Cold War

Affiliated Researchers

NamePositionResearch Interests
Dr Kristin H. Williams

Head of the Japanese Section, Cambridge University Library

Affiliated Lecturer

NameResearch Interests
Dr Simon Kaner       Japanese archaeology                                                                                                                         

Graduate Students (Japanese Studies & Korean Studies)

NameResearch TopicSupervisor

Alessandro Bianchi

Political satire in late eighteenth century gesaku 戯作 writings, with a major focus on dangibon 談義本, sharebon 洒落本 and kibyōshi 黄表紙 Prof. Peter Kornicki

Mick Deneckere

An Intellectual biography of the True Pure Land Buddhist priest Shimaji Mokurai (1838-1911) Prof. Richard Bowring

Elizabeth Grace

Japanese and Korean proletarian writing women's writing, 1910 --1945. Dr Mark Morris

Gitte Hansen

Normative femininity and women as agents of violence in Japanese fiction and cultural expressions since the 1980s. Dr Brigitte Steger

Regina Hubner

Cultural and medical history in premodern Japan, with the focus on Tokugawa period (1600-1868) Prof. Peter Kornicki

Lauri Kitsnik

Film adaptations of modern Japanese literature (from 1930s to 1960s in particular). Dr Mark Morris
Meng Liang

Ethnographic case study of seasonal labour migration made to Kawakami village, Nagano Prefecture.

Dr Brigitte Steger

Hitomi Maruyama

Literary and cinematic representations of the human body in postwar Japan Dr Mark Morris

Nikolay Murashkin

Analysis of the Japanese foreign policy-making toward Central Asia Dr John Swenson-Wright

Giulio Pugliese

Contemporary Sino-Japanese and Japan-US relations Dr John Swenson-Wright

Hiroko Umegaki

Japanese contemporary society Dr Brigitte Steger

Rosa van Hensbergen

Dr Matthew Shores

Ji-Yoon An

Family Constructions and Constrictions in Korean Cinema Dr Mark Morris

Don Q. Kim

The Introduction of Neo-Kantian Culturalism in Korea and Japan

Dr Barak Kushner /
Dr Michael D. Shin