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Japan-UK relations in a Global Context

Japan-UK relations in a Global Context

UK-Japan Global Seminar (John Swenson-Wright)

Coordinated with the Asia Programme at Chatham House, the project examines the economic and geopolitical role of Japan in the international arena, with a focus on its relations and areas of cooperation with the UK and EU.

It involves five international conferences over a five year period, alternating between London and Tokyo, providing an opportunity for observers in the UK and Japan to assess their relationship. The relevance of Japan to the UK and EU, both politically and economically, will also be considered.

The project explores whether the existing frameworks and institutions for regional and global governance are adequately suited to confronting the world’s principal security, economic and environmental challenges and what role Japan, the UK and EU might play in maintaining, enhancing, or possibly extending such institutions. Outputs from the conferences will include reports and issue-specific discussion groups on key themes emerging from the dialogue.