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Arabic Language and Literature

Research Projects:.

Prof. Yasir Suleiman

Professor Suleiman's research covers the cultural politics of the Middle East with special focus on identity, conflict, diaspora studies and modernization in so far as these issues relate to language, modern Arabic literature, translation and memory.

Mrs. Nadira Auty and

Dr. Rachael Harris

Mrs Auty and Dr. Harris are active in the design of Arabic language teaching material.

Mrs Hawraa Al-Hassan (PhD Student)

Research Title: ‘Literature and Propaganda under Saddam Hussein:
A Study of Cultural Production under the Ba'th Party’.

Mr Chaoqun Lian (PhD Student)

'My PhD research examines the discourse of the Arabic language academies in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco and Jordan in order to understand general trends and movements of Arabic LPLP in relation to nationalism, postcoloniality and modernisation in the twentieth-century Arabic-speaking world. I will explain how three levels of LPLP, symbolic, status and corpus planning, are inter-connected discursively, and how academic- and folk-linguistic discourses meet each other when these language academies deal with issues of language standardisation, Arabisation and modernisation respectively. I will also compare Arabic and Chinese LPLP discourses to contextualise and evaluate Arabic LPLP against the worldwide movement of LPLP in the twentieth century.'

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