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Modern Hebrew Language and Literature

Research Projects:.

Dr. Yaron Peleg

'I am currently engaged in two literary and one cultural studies projects. My literary study projects include a history of romance in modern Hebrew literature, especially the paradoxical absence of it from the modern Hebrew roman or novel. I am also engaged in an ongoing study of American Hebrew literature in the twentieth century. The aim of the study—a joint project with Professor Alan Mintz of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York—is to restore American Hebrew poets and writers to the Hebrew literary canon by compiling a representative collection of their best works as well as an anthology of scholarly reviews of them.

My cultural study project is concerned with the invention or production of Israeli culture in the first half of the twentieth century and the legacy of such key cultural innovations as language, literature, body culture, militarism, religious holidays, and music in the second half of the twentieth century and beyond.'

Zehavit Zaslansky (PhD Student)

Zehavit's research title is: "The interrelations between Haskalah literature and the poetics of bilingual Hebrew writers in the 20th century."

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